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Who we are!

The International Physical Therapy Academy (IPTA) has been established in 2019, to meet the growing need for standardized academic and training programs in physiotherapy. It aims to advance the standards of global physiotherapy practice by offering high quality contemporary continuous education programs.

The IPTA is one of the leading physiotherapy academies worldwide . IPTA Boards are composed of experienced physiotherapy educators, researchers and clinicians from various countries, all are highly dedicated to advance the global standard of physiotherapy practice.





Why Choose IPTA?

IPTA certifications and programs are founded on rigorous policies and standards governing the development, delivery, speakers qualification, and evaluation of each individual program. Moreover:

All materials are carefully examined by a committee of qualified academics, researchers, and clinicians. Their expertise is confirmed by their achievements and publications. The content itself is based on current evidence and reflects the latest advancements in the field.

The learning experiences are led by experienced clinicians or educators who are recognized for their specific area of knowledge relevant to the course content.

The materials and delivery methods are regularly evaluated and updated (at least every three years) based on feedback received through structured questionnaires from all participants.


What are they saying



IPTA memberikan peningkatan kualitas dan mutu pendidikan khususnya profesi fisioterapi... Saya sangat bersyukur dan bangga bisa bergabung dalam komunitas ini karena dapat meningkatkan ilmu dan praktek saya dibidang profesi fisioterapi... Saya berharap IPTA bisa hadir di Indonesia sama seperti di Malaysia yang mampu memberikan perubahan dan peningkatan kualitas dan mutu pendidikan khususnya di bidang profesi fisioterapi... Semoga ini dapat terwujud kedepannya... Aamiin

Fatma Salim


Was a worthwhile course, I got a very nice new perspective of treatment I can offer to my patients. Very much thanks to Dr. Omar Al Tamimi for his generosity and the valuable information and practice..

Mowada Mohammed


It was very informative and excellent, gave me self confidence in me field, full of knowledge ,and iam very thankful to be member at international physical therapy academy 😊

Ramah Sirag


Very successful courses with good information and it's depend on evidence based practices