Who we are!

The International Physical Therapy Academy (IPTA) has been established in 2019, to meet the growing need for standardized academic and training programs in physiotherapy. It aims to advance the standards of global physiotherapy practice by offering high quality contemporary continuous education programs.

The world's education plans had undergone a complete transformation following the COVID outbreak. As a result IPTA was formally founded in order to maximize the use of technology in physiotherapy education and to make these top-quality educational / training programs available to all physiotherapists internationally.

The IPTA is one of the leading physiotherapy academies worldwide . IPTA Boards are composed of experienced physiotherapy educators, researchers and clinicians from various countries, all are highly dedicated to advance the global standard of physiotherapy practice.

Core Values


The IPTA strives to become the world's foremost educational and training body for physiotherapy professionals.


Empowering physiotherapists worldwide through preparing high standard Educational and training programs.


  • Advance evidence-based physiotherapy practice and knowledge dissemination globally.
  • Enhance the professional development of physiotherapy practitioners worldwide.
  • Develop and promote worldwide standards for physiotherapy education, training, and research through high quality continuing education programs.
  • Establish global recognition as a provider of Continuing Physiotherapy Education Programs.

IPTA Accreditation

IPTA certifications and programs are founded on rigorous policies and standards governing the development, delivery, speakers qualification, and evaluation of each individual program. All programs are reviewed by the dedicated review committee in addition to the IPTA Scientific Council which overseeing all scientific aspects of IPTA. Moreover , IPTA receives the following accreditation:


Approved International CPD provider with number 782156


Fully Recognized institution by the: International Physical Therapy Network IPTN


Accredited Dry Needling training provider by the International Board of Dry Needling IDNB

IPTA Scientific Council

The IPTA boasts several specialized committees focused on curriculum development , evaluation and review , as well as research lead by Physiotherapy Experts in the respective areas.

Further, IPTA is pleased to have support from academic and clinical experts from diverse global regions to serve in our scientific council.

Prof. Alia Alghwiri

Professor of Physiotherapy


Council President

Prof. Daniel Verdecchia

Professor of Physiotherapy


Council Member

Prof. Alice YM Jones

Professor of Physiotherapy


Council Member